OPCURR is a Digital Platform connecting Project Owners(PO) with compatible Experts(EXP) who commit themselves to the good implementation of the contracted assignment. The operation of the platform can be summarized as follows:

  1. Users who are looking for Experts(EXP) on the OPCURR platform to accomplish specific tasks in their projects must apply for registration as Project Owners(PO)
  2. Users who are interested in offering their services to Project Owners(PO) on the OPCURR platform must apply for registration as Experts(EXP).
  3. OPCURR Back Office team assesses the applications of Project Owners(BO) and Experts(EXP), once validated, sends to the users’ information to connect. → OPCURR reserves the right to refuse applications with scope of qualification (training, past experience, level of expertise, etc.) or action does not fall within the scope of specialization of OPCURR Digital Marketplace.
  4. Upon registration, Experts(EXP) enter their confirmed skills, availability and the category of services they are willing to provide. OPCURR Algorithm integrate those elements to match them with the most compatible profiles or projects.
  5. Project Owners(PO) shall publish a post clarifying the scope of work of the project and the skills required to accomplish its tasks.
  6. Experts(EXP) once officially registered, shall apply for Project Owners(PO) offers on the platform.
  7. The types of services that are traded on the platform will be illustrative:
    → Services related to “Engineering Technology” such as Software Programming, Debugging, R&D, Web Development, IT Infrastructure, Network Security, Troubleshooting, Graphic Design, Growth Hacking, Technical Support, CRM Integration and all related training.
    → Services related to “Digital Communication” such as Content Management, Community Engagement, E- marketing Campaigns, Customer Care, User On-boarding, Copy Typing, Translation, Communication Strategy, Leads Generation and all related training.
    → Services related to “Growth Strategy” such as Business Plan, Business Development Accompaniment, Corporate Budgeting Advisory, Administration, Resource Audit, Reporting, Fundraising Feasibility for small and medium businesses and all related training.
  8. The Experts(EXP) can click on “Find A Project” to have access to the most suitable projects posted by OPCURR Project Owners(PO), then comes into contact with Project Owners(PO) to exchange questions about the content of the service to be offered.
  9. Experts(EXP) implement the service for which they will be paid and organize themselves directly and freely with the Project Owner(PO) during this phase.
  10. Once the service has been completed, the payment is transferred to Experts(EXP) by OPCURR. For special cases, please refer to the "Regulations" chapter of the services.
  11. OPCURR evaluation system is then activated. The average ratings assigned to Experts(EXP) and their services are displayed on the OPCURR platform. Only Project Owners(PO) who have received a service can evaluate related Experts(EXP).